Bariatric Advance’s BN Multi’s are your post surgery multivitamin. Designed specifically for patients who have undergone bariatric gastric sleeve or lap-band surgery.


Prior to our engagement with Bariatric Advance, they partnered with another vendor to execute the experience design of their new website. However, a few months after launch, they learned that the platform wasn’t driving the expected level of conversions and sales, so they engaged us to rethink how Bariatric Advance could live online. 


We established three goals: increase conversion, highlight the key product offering and to implement a new quarterly subscription service. To better inform our strategy for the redesign, we performed a site audit and collated insights from other e-commerce platforms into actionable next steps. This created our list of do’s and don’ts to solve the initial concerns. 

We overhauled the website design, bringing the Bariatric Advance multi vitamin product to the forefront. By featuring it on the landing page of the website with various quantity options we created a quicker path to purchase - resulting in more sales, and less abandoned carts! We also implemented a new subscription service so that customers can sign up to receive regular shipments of their vitamins without having to worry about reordering or running out. The new website saw an immediate increase in sales, search engine visibility and subscriber numbers are steadily on the rise!