Celebrated and adored by millions, she was the Queen of people's hearts, yet the bittersweet story of the last man to truly capture hers has never been told.



“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” With movies, it is an impression that lasts a lifetime.

In contrast to just about every other product release, a movie faces a singular challenge: It must create near-instant national brand-name recognition within a span of a few days to a couple of weeks. 

Princess Diana is a popular culture phenomenon, a character that is close to the heart of many women. Diana was the first feature film based on the life of Princess Diana in particular her secret relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan. 

The challenge was to create the appearance of a campaign that addresses the audience in a traditional fashion for a wide mainstream title, with the limited budget of an independent distributor. To compound this challenge further we released in a highly competitive corridor. This meant we had to deliver a campaign that could achieve a share of voice against our competitors. 



We started with creating theatrical poster artwork that would be the first image the world would see of Naomi as Diana. We decided to keep it simple, focusing on Naomi's eyes, facial expression and uncanny resemblance to Diana herself. The partial obscuring of her face worked to enhance the allusion, at first take many thought it could really be Diana! Our concept was so successful, many international territories requested our design to support the films release. Our poster became infamous, making headlines around the world due to the unfortunate placement of the outdoor advertising by the French distributor.

To create a ubiquitous event around the release of Diana and to capitalise on the popular culture phenomenon surrounding the Princess as an international news item. The audience already knew and loved Diana, the challenge was to make them fall in love with Naomi!

The campaign was designed to address the audience in a traditional fashion with a mix of press, PR activity and media spend. The vast bulk of the marketing campaign was held off until the last few weeks prior to release, to earn maximum publicity for minimum exposure both financially and narratively. Early trailering on The Great Gatsby and Blue Jasmine was a move that guaranteed the film’s initial marketing reveal was seen by copious moviegoers in the core target demographic.

We saturated women's media, delivering a striking, sensitive and engaging campaign that brought the film to life - across television, out-of-home, print and digital channels whilst achieving maximum reach and frequency against our target audience.

The campaign centrepiece involved a bold, high-profile premiere attended by key stakeholders including media, celebrities and bloggers in support of the The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. The Australian charity was opened by Princess Diana herself in 1996, and it is suggested that the reasons for her involvement stemmed from her relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan. The idea was to stage an event with a newsworthy hook, that created a lasting impression and embodied the essence of Diana. 


Our ambitious social media strategy delivered across the 3 digital pillars: paid, earned and owned with Facebook as the hub. The objective was to build the hype and replicate the word of mouth generated above the line into the social media space. We created a fun and interactive application giving cinema goers a photo opportunity to pose on the Buckingham Palace Royal Balcony. They were encouraged to upload their photo to Facebook to be eligible to enter the competition to win a holiday with Princess Cruises.

Our goal was to establish Diana as an experience to be shared with female friends and family members. The major drive came when we enlisted the support of the cinemas to turn the movie going experience into a girls night out. The 3 major chains hosted exclusive girls night out events which meant for a premium ticket price guests were treated to champagne, goodie bags and a preview of the film which in turn fuelled our word of mouth campaign and elevated opening week box office results. 

Home Entertainment sales ambitions for the film were considerable - the "afterglow" effect lasting into the Valentine's Day DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital release. We grabbed consumer attention at retail though high impact point of sale, catalogue placements and special packaging for key retailers. A $1 donation was made to the The Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute the first 50,000 DVDs sold. Bringing to life the essence of the Diana, and creating an engaging angle for publicity purposes.

“Beautiful and elegant poster, just like Diana was herself.”
— Antonio

The Result

The overall result: a clearly focused, beautifully realised awareness campaign. 

  • The most successful release per capita in the world. 
  • The YouTube trailer received over 2,386,914 impressions and 882,254 organic trailer views with a 91% completion rate.
  • Drove over 10,000 new fans to the Australian Facebook page. 
  • The digital campaign overall had 11+ million impressions. 
  • Our poster artwork design was used throughout the world to support the film's release. It made headlines around the world due to the French distributor's outdoor advertising campaign.