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Hasbro Games


The challenge was to create a fresh and engaging communications spin on Hasbro's core games 'Cluedo, Operation, Jenga and Twister' to keep the games top of mind in the lead up to the Christmas Holiday season. 

A Social Rich Media (SRM) with an interactive pop culture quiz was designed to change the way Hasbro fans experience and engage with their brand. Reminding parents of the fun they had playing classic board games as kids, and the life skills and bonding experiences these games could provide for their own children. A series of six questions were devised to match you with your ideal classic game, giving you the chance to win a Hasbro prize pack. 

Our design channelled 80s nostalgia through the use of brightly coloured retro graphics, and old beaten up brown wood to trigger memories of playing Hasbro's board games on the floor, or on a table as a child.

UX Design | UI Design