Somewhere Co.

Project Questionnaire

Somewhere Co. Project Questionnaire

Your brand is so much more than a logo on a business card, website, bottle, box or sign. It is how your brand tells your story, shows your personality, shapes the future of your business and provides a way for your customer to differentiate you from others in your industry or category. This is called a Brand Archetype, if you're interested you can read about archetypes here. The following questions aren't compulsory, but they are designed to help us get to the core of what makes your brand you! 

Name *
When do you hope to have your project complete?
Scope of work - eg. branding, website, business cards, packaging, photography etc.
Please write as you would like it displayed in your logo.
Things you specifically like and/or dislike?
Describe them - eg. age, gender, things they like/dislike, where they hang out, hobbies, what's important to them?
eg. business cards, website, social media, packaging signage etc. Please list in order of priority.
Feel free to brain dump about what you like and dislike about branding and website design. If you have any references these would be useful too.