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The Aurora Diamond was founded and launched into the Australian and New Zealand market in late 2016. The 73 facet Aurora cut was designed exclusively to maximise light performance, producing a visibly and measurably more beautiful diamond. As part of a competitive pitch - we were ecstatic to be engaged to create the Aurora brand identity from the ground up.  

Art Direction | Onsite Signage | Poster Design | Look Book | Digital Design | Point of Sale | TV commercial | Social Media | Photography


The Aurora branding is designed in a way that allows the personality of the brand to come through, yet stand apart from the competition. Aurora is sophisticated, romantic, timeless, refined and beautiful and so is the design system of the branding experience. From its minimal elegance to use of bold typography and colour, Aurora is designed to withstand the test of time, yet appeal to the modern consumer. 


We defined standards regarding art direction, photography and content to create visual guidelines that are flexible enough to provide a variety across content, but structured enough to ensure consistency and brand recognition. From there we created a multi-tiered launch campaign across various trade, retail and consumer channels including - print and packaging designs, high quality branded video content, luxury retail point of sale, immersive digital assets, online presence and social media campaign.